Diversity Catalyst Team

The Diversity Catalyst Team (DCT) is a task force appointed by Scott Reed, Vice Provost of Outreach and Engagement, Director of OSU Extension Service.  The DCT consists of representatives from across the division and works to articulate a vision and design and implement strategies to create a climate for change relative to diversity issues in higher education.

Get involved

The Diversity Catalyst Team membership is open to any division employee. A smaller group of nominated individuals will be selected to form a Steering Committee.

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  • Help the Division to become a healthy, thriving, learning organization that meets the changing needs of the diverse population in Oregon
  • Help our clientele to operate effectively and successfully in a multicultural world
  • Learn more about Honoring Diversity at OSU Extension

Team Members

  • Emily Anderson
  • Carolyn Ashton
  • Iris Carrasco
  • Samuel Chan
  • Flaxen Conway
  • Cristian Curiel
  • Jamie Davis
  • Lindsay Davis
  • Patricia Dawson
  • Marcia Dickson
  • Karissa Dishon
  • Tina Dodge Vera
  • Troy Downing
  • Molly Engle
  • Lena Etuk
  • Melissa Fery
  • Ana Lu Fonseca
  • Guillermo Giannico
  • Ariel Ginsburg
  • Derek Godwin
  • Donita Godwin
  • Amy Grotta
  • David Hansen
  • Emily Henry
  • Jeffry Hino
  • Susan Hunt
  • Tonya Johnson
  • Mario Magana
  • Lisa McKibbin
  • Melanie Mintken
  • Jennifer Oppenlander
  • Michele Osterhoudt
  • Patrick Proden
  • Scott Reed
  • Silvia Rondon
  • Dana Sanchez
  • Luisa Santamaria
  • Christopher Scadden
  • Jeff Sherman
  • Lindsey Shirley
  • Lynn Steele
  • Karen Zimmermann

Administrative Support/Liaison

Ana Lu Fonseca, Extension Assistant Director, Divervisty, Equity & Inclusion

Ann Marie Murphy, O&E Communication & Marketing Manager

Contact Us
Please feel free to contact team members if you have a question, suggestion, concern, or if you would like to make a contribution to diversity initiatives within OSU Extension.

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