DCT Steering Committee

The Diversity Catalyst Team Steering Committee identifies and prioritizes objectives in order to advance the division’s goals related to equity, inclusion, and diversity. The Steering Committee meets monthly to engage in more intensive work than is expected of the broader membership. Such efforts include:

  • Planning and advancing the work of the DCT between the less frequent broader membership meetings
  • Engaging in research, analysis, and strategy development
  • Setting the agenda for DCT meetings


Steering Commitee members are skilled collaborators who are deeply committed to the work of diversity and inclusion and have good credibility, influence, and knowledge of how to effectuate change within the division. The preference is that Steering Committee would not have more than 15 members. There are presently no agreed upon time limitations for membership.

Nominate yourself or a colleague for the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee Members:

  • Elsa Curtis
  • Marcia Dickson
  • Molly Engle
  • Ana Lu Fonseca
  • Guillermo Giannico
  • Donita Godwin
  • Mario Magana
  • Patrick  Proden
  • Dana Sanchez
  • Jeff Sherman
  • Jane Waite


  • Creating a more diverse organization to serve a more diverse population
  • Providing core training to support faculty and staff in their own diversity skills and their outreach efforts
  • Addressing the development of the Newport campus to integrate equity, inclusion, and diversity at an early stage
  • Determining how to have more of a unified presence in the Portland Metro area
  • Conducting a needs assessment
  • Increasing accountability and monitoring progress (e.g., including diversity expectations in position descriptions and recognizing related service efforts as valuable)
  • Ensuring that equity, inclusion, and diversity are incorporated into the programming that O&E provides to learners
  • Making materials accessible to English Language Learners (e.g., providing admissions materials in Spanish)
  • Mentoring and supporting minority faculty and staff for success
  • Revisiting previous climate survey data and possibly administering another survey
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