Outreach and Engagement Cabinet

The Outreach and Engagement Cabinet manages and coordinates Division activities, sets policy and procedures for organization and advises the Vice Provost/Director on issues and decisions that influence the organization’s future.

Meeting Schedule

The Cabinet meets quarterly, the 2nd Monday of January, April, July, October, 1:30-4:30pm or as called by the Vice Provost. 

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  • Scott Reed, Vice Provost Outreach and Engagement, Director Extension
  • Deb Maddy, Associate Provost Outreach and Engagement, Assoc. Director Extension
  • Dave King, Associate Provost Outreach and Engagement, Director Ecampus
  • Marcia Dickson, County Operations Coordinator
  • Jackie Russell, Executive Assistant to Vice Provost
  • Jennifer Alexander, Extension and Experiment Station Communications (EESC) Interim Director
  • Lisa Templeton, Ecampus Executive Director
  • Melanie Mitchell, Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) Interim Director
  • Jeff Sherman, Open Campus & Special Initiatives Leader
  • Ann Murphy, Outreach and Engagement Marketing Manager
  • Dee Wendler, University Administrative Business Center (UABC) Manager
  • Angelo Gomez, Office of Equity and Inclusion
  • Derek Godwin, Regional Administrator (through 2015)
  • Jim Johnson, Extension Program Leader (through 2016)
  • Troy Hall, Department Head, Extension (through 2016)
  • Vacant, Department Head, Ecampus (current through 2015)
  • Ana Lu Fonseca, Faculty (off-campus), Extension (through 2016)
  • Gail Langellotto, Faculty (campus), Extension (through 2016)
  • Mark Edwards, Faculty, Ecampus, (through 2015)

Rotating terms are two-year terms, starting January and ending December.

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