Strategic Goal: Culture

Create a widely shared organizational culture that encourages, promotes and rewards outreach and engagement activities of faculty, staff and students.

  • OSU will value faculty and staff efforts in outreach and engagement as highly as the other missions of learning and discovery.
  • OSU will reward and celebrate faculty efforts at outreach both internally (department, college, University) and externally (media, alumni, etc.). Reward systems will include merit increases and consideration in promotion and tenure decisions.
  • OSU will incorporate student outreach and engagement, conducted locally, regionally, and/or globally, into majors and the baccalaureate core.


  1. Strengthen the faculty reward and recognition system so that it appropriately acknowledges and rewards contributions made in online teaching and other outreach and engagement activities by all faculty.
  2. Raise awareness of outreach and engagement activities by promoting these activities throughout the University community.
  3. Involve undergraduate and graduate students in recognized outreach and engagement activities, locally, regionally, and globally.
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