University Outreach and Engagement Strategic Plan -- 2016-2021

University Outreach and  Engagement Strategic Plan --  2016-2021

Unraveling Oregon's wicked problems by creating positive change in our communities



The life of each person we engage will be demonstrably improved and enriched by access to and co-creation of innovation, knowledge and expertise.


Outreach and engagement at Oregon State University enhances access to enrichment and problem solving through reciprocal relationships for the exchange of knowledge and resources in partnership with individuals, communities, businesses, industries, government and educational institutions.


  • Learner-centered approach - We engage collaboratively with our diverse learners and stakeholders, and adapt to meet their needs.

  • Innovation - We embrace creativity and new methods, ideas and products to improve the services we provide.
  • Integrity - We are responsible, ethical and accountable for our actions.
  • Diversity - We embrace and advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice.
  • Knowledge - We use research-based, community-generated, and indigenous knowledge to guide our decisions, practices and actions.
  • Healthy work environment - We respect that faculty and staff are a valuable resource, and believe we all deserve an empowering, supportive and caring environment.
  • Social responsibility - We contribute to society's well-being and intellectual, cultural and economic progress.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Enhance the culture and impact of Oregon State University.

Goal 2: Equitably serve a broad diversity of learners, communities and stakeholders.

Goal 3: Increase community and learner engagement.

Goal 4: Be broadly recognized for our impacts and as a resource. 

Goal 5: Have a supportive workplace culture.

Strategic Plan Documents

Download complete strategic plan

Download strategic plan poster (Vision, Mission, Values, Goals - 11x17")

Download strategic plan flyer (Vision, Mission, Values, Goals - 8.5x11") - Only available online

Download Spanish language strategic plan flyer - Only available online

Download strategic plan overview brochure

Download Spanish language strategic plan overview brochure - Only available online


For copies of printed materials (poster, overview brochure, or wallet card), please contact Ann Marie Murphy.

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