Creative Oregon

Creative Oregon
The Creative Forest

At Oregon State University, we believe our connections to the landscapes and the people of Oregon define our experiences as teachers, students, and citizens. In our studies and practices of teaching the arts and humanities, we strive to take ourselves out of the campus and studio and into the landscape and collaboration with all Oregonians. The Creative Oregon initiative has that mission at its core.

Creative Oregon is a partnership between OSU Extension and faculty in the College of Liberal Arts and provides coordinated, integrative arts teaching and learning opportunities for OSU undergraduate students. Working with a distinct Oregon landscape each year, the Creative Oregon team partners with Extension staff and others who live, work, study, and otherwise engage with the land in that region.

Each OSU class taking part in Creative Oregon coordinates across one- or two-day interdisciplinary excursions. For example, students from drawing, sculpture, video, music composition, theater, and photography may all take part together. The students acquire inspiration and first-hand knowledge of the landscape and the people who live and work there. They also create works of art on site and experience the process of public art creation and its documentation.

Creative Oregon was launched as an Extension Reconsidered initiative in 2015. Extension Reconsidered seeks to continually explore new ways in which OSU Extension can better serve the ever-changing needs of Oregonians.

Instances of Creative Oregon have been held as:


  • The Creative Forest (2015). Building upon the partnership of the 2014 Forest of Arts, the Creative Forest was situated in the Hopkins Demonstration Forest and included more than 50 students and faculty. •   
  • The Creative Coast (2016).  The next year focused on (in support of the Marine Studies Initiative) the Oregon Coast, with the Creative Coast partnering with the USFS staff at Cape Perpetua, Sea Grant, and others. •   
  • The Creative Valley (2017) took place in partnership with Lane County Extension, the Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, the Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council and My Brothers Farm. OSU students engaged with the confluence of sustainable agriculture and riparian restoration along the Coast Fork of the Willamette River.


For more information and to inquire about taking part in future instances of Creative Oregon, contact Charles Robinson our 541-737-6535.

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