Exploring Engagement Symposium

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The inaugural Exploring Engagement Symposium was held on Jan. 27, 2015 and provided an opportunity for attendees to learn about innovative outreach and engagement projects from across the university. The event concluded with a reception featuring sopes from Corazón Jalisciense.  

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OSU Open Campus: Making the connection

Jeff Sherman, OSU Open Campus and Special Initiatives Program Lead

In recognition of extraordinary community outreach, the OSU Open Campus program was selected as the western regional recipient of the 2014 Outreach Scholarship W.K. Kellogg Foundation Engagement Award. Come learn more about this program and what makes it unique.

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Juntos: The education path is a community effort

Ana Gomez, OSU Open Campus Juntos Coordinator – CL@SE Associate Director of Outreach Central and Eastern Oregon
Jennifer Oppenlander, OSU Open Campus Coordinator
Ron Mize, Director, Center for Latino/a Studies and Engagement (CL@SE)

The Juntos program is the connection in between families, youth, school districts, post-secondary education institutions and community partners to design together the path to succeed in the school system and access higher education.

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Is it engagement? Exploring a road-less-traveled in our disciplines

Dana Sanchez, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Asst. Prof. and Extension Wildlife Specialist
Susana Rivera-Mills, Executive Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts

The scholarship of engagement involves authentic collaboration between scientists, their institutions, and non-academic members of communities. Whereas traditional expert-centric models of how science is done have often resulted in communities acting as research subjects or passive recipients of programs or products, engagement scholarship involves extensive interweaving of academic and community partners' roles in all project phases. We have developed and piloted a learning tool and process to support researchers in learning about, adopting, and implementing engaged projects. We look forward to sharing these ideas so that you too can embark on the engagement journey.

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Encouraging young women in STEM using a hands-on summer camp

Emily Henry, OSU Open Campus Coordinator, Tillamook County

Tech Trek began in California in 1998 through an AAUW grant and was taken national by AAUW in 2013. A team of community partners in rural Oregon, including Tillamook Bay Community College, OSU Open Campus, the local AAUW branch, the local school district, and a STEM non-profit, submitted an application to bring Tech Trek to Oregon. We were selected as the only Oregon camp for the summer of 2014 and the only Tech Trek camp in the country held at a community college. In this presentation, I will discuss how we brought this camp to Oregon, plans to make this camp sustainable in future years, and results from our first year.

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The heart of collaboration: engineering students making sopes

Chinweike Eseonu, Assistant Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering; Lead Investigator, Community Driven Technology Innovation and Investment
Loren Chavarria, Associate Director for Engagement, CL@SE
Monica Ramos, Business Partner, Corazón Jalisciense

Research suggests that engineering students lose their sense of cultural engagement as they develop engineering identities. At the end of their time on campus, OSU undergraduate students in Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (MIME) complete a capstone course. The goal of this course is to allow students showcase their engineering knowledge by solving a mechanical, industrial or manufacturing problem.  To combat the culture of disengagement, a group of students in the 2013-2014 cohort worked with a group of Latina budding entrepreneurs from the small farmworker town of Monroe, Oregon.  The result is a sope making machine that facilitates efficiencies of scale in Sope production.  A partnership between the women, MIME, CL@SE, and Open Campus, has facilitated solutions to both the technical and business obstacles to microenterprise development.  Universities are increasingly in the position to help create business plans, address intellectual property rights and patents, solve manufacturing dilemmas, and facilitate consumer market development.  We will discuss the “Corazón Jalisciense” (Heart of Jalisco) sope project as a case study in university collaboration, engaged teaching, minority-owned microenterprise development, and research on strategies for effective engagement with aim to inform engineering innovations that drive workforce and economic development.

Read more about Oregon State's Community Driven Technology Innovation and Investment approach


Harnessing skills of retired professionals to expand outreach and engagement education

Sam Angima, Regional Administrator, OSU North Coast Region

A study conducted in 2011 of 100 Extension-trained Master Gardeners on the Oregon Coast (90% of whom are retired individuals) established that nearly half of them had upwards of 88 different skills that could be volunteered to help others in their communities. Using these data to establish skill-relevant partnerships with these individuals, all of whom are Master Gardeners and therefore trained to disseminate research-based information, this particular county has created a resource for answering clientele questions and offering teaching opportunities in the community. With the Baby Boomers on the way, this outreach program is prepared to continue training and engaging new community members to extend university resources to more people in the community.

Is blogging just outreach? Can blogging also engage?

Molly Engle, Professor and Extension Evaluation Specialist

Blogging is ubiquitous on the web. The web is everywhere. Blogs are often the platform for people to express personal views on a variety of issues. It is an easily accessible outreach option to a variety of audiences. Engaging those audiences is not necessarily as easy as simply outreach.

Visit Molly's Evaluation is an Everyday Activity blog

The power of partnership in developing, disseminating and evaluating curriculum

Ruby Moon, Oregon Sea Grant Extension. My title is Marine Fisheries Extension Associate

The poster reviews the partnerships that grew from the outreach and engagement process while developing this wave energy curriculum. The curriculum demonstrates how to build and test a model wave energy device in a classroom setting. It was designed for middle and high school students. The link provides access to the curriculum itself.

Download the Wave Energy Engineer curriculum (PDF)

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