Roads Scholar Engagement Tour

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the tour only for new faculty?

-We give priority to faculty and staff who have been at Oregon State University for under three years and for those that have never attended before. However, everyone is encouraged to apply.

  • Can you please tell me what the schedule is for leaving and getting back to Corvallis?

-We are scheduled to leave Corvallis at 7:45am on Monday and return around 8:00pm on Tuesday.

  • How the transportation will work. Is there a place we’ll meet on campus, or do I need to drive directly to the location of the event??

-We will depart from, and return to the Reser Stadium parking lot on the OSU campus.

  • Can any OSU Department attend?

-The Roads Scholar Engagement Tour is for all Oregon State University Departments, Faculty and Staff. Priority is given to faculty new to OSU, but faculty who are new to engagement are also welcome.

  • What am I getting out of this?

-We hope that everyone will have a unique experience to engage with community members that are in Central Oregon. Secifically at OSU Cascades, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, and OSU Extension in Central Oregon.  As well as, gain a better understanding of Oregon State’s land grant mission and opportunities for community engagement.

  • How much does it cost?

-The Roads Scholar Engagement Tour is hosted and sponsored by the Division of University Outreach and Engagement. All expenses will be paid for (transportation, hotel & meals). Any additional expenses (extra food, activities, etc.) will be paid by the participants. There is a $20 non-refundable registration to hold a seat.

  • What kind of bus is it?

-An MTR Western

  • Do I have to read all of the readings?

-It is encouraged to have the readings done before the tour, to prepare yourself for the sites visited and challenge you to critical think about how the sites and readings tie into your position on campus. These are sent in your confirmation email.

  • What should I pack?

-The essential items that you would need for an overnight trip (personal hygiene, electronic chargers, snacks, clothes).  We will be visiting the high desert in September, so there is a high chance of the weather being chilly. So please pack warm clothes, rain jackets/boots etc. to keep you dry! 

  • Can I provide my own transportation?

-No. There are talks and events planned for on the bus, and we want everyone to have the same amazing experience.

  • Can I attend for parts of the tour?


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