Engagement Academy

Oregon State's Engagement Academy provides opportunities for our faculty and staff to explore new ideas about engaging learners and communities in Oregon and beyond. The academy is modeled after the national Engagement Academy for University Leaders program sponsored by Virginia Tech.

Upcoming events

Engagement Academy Steering Committee

  • Allison Davis-Whiteeyes
  • Anita Azarenko
  • Beth Emshoff
  • Bill Braunworth
  • Carlea Freeman
  • Charles Robinson
  • Chinweiki Eseonu
  • Dana Sanchez
  • Dave King
  • Dave Hansen
  • Deborah Maddy
  • Emily Henry
  • Jeff Sherman
  • Loren Chavarria
  • Marion Rossi
  • Rebecca Badger
  • Roger Rennekamp
  • Sam Angima
  • Scott Reed
  • Susana Rivera-Mills

For more information about the Engagement Academy, contact Jeff Sherman, Oregon Open Campus/Special Initiatives Leader.

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