Open Textbook RFP

OSU Extended Campus and OSU Libraries and Press (OSULP) are partnering to implement a pilot program that encourages the development of open access textbooks at Oregon State University. We seek proposals for the development of an open textbook by OSU faculty members. (An OSU faculty member must be the sole or lead author.) Open textbooks are digital in format, and made freely available over the web. OSULP and Extended Campus are committed to publishing an open textbook in order to support students from the perspective of both textbook affordability and the enhanced learning opportunities provided by the digital format. The textbook may be original content, or may be a compilation of openly licensed materials. The textbook will include extensive, original multi-media and interactive content. Technical support for the development of these features will be provided to the author by the Extended Campus Open Education Resources unit. OSU Press will provide editorial development, and the manuscript selected for consideration will undergo peer review and will ultimately require approval by the OSU Press Editorial Board. A print-on-demand version of the book will also be made available for purchase, with associated author royalties.

The textbook should be a comprehensive work geared toward a specific field of study. Preference will be given to proposals with applicability toward multiple, high-enrollment undergraduate courses in the following subject areas: natural resources, geosciences, forestry, marine biology, agricultural sciences, and environmental sciences.

In addition to any print-on-demand royalties, the author will be compensated with $15,000-$20,000 in a budget transfer to a dedicated index within his or her department. These funds could be used for purposes such as course buy-out, professional travel, research support, etc. Advances will be available, with the schedule for disbursement and associated deliverables to be determined in consultation with the author.

Proposals are due September 15, 2013. Anticipated publication would occur in 2014 or 2015 depending on the nature of the work.

To help us evaluate your project, we need to know more about you and your book. Please submit a proposal that provides all the information below. Please do not send the entire manuscript unless requested.

  1. Title of the manuscript.
  2. Your name, title, and affiliation; please include complete contact information. Include brief bios for coauthors if applicable.
  3. Briefly describe the content of your book, and how it supports the intent of this open textbook RFP.
  4. Describe your qualifications as an author, as well as those of any coauthors.
  5. Describe your intended audience, and any courses that would be likely to use the book at OSU or other schools.
  6. List the significant books in print on this topic, and explain how and why your book is different. What is its most distinguishing characteristic? What is its unique contribution to the field?
  7. Provide manuscript specifics, such as a table of contents, chapter by chapter description, and the manuscript’s estimated length.
  8. If available, please provide sample chapters, preferably the introduction and one or two substantive chapters.
  9. Describe your vision for the inclusion of multi-media elements, interactive features, and other graphics.
  10. How often do you anticipate revisions/updates will be required?
  11. Include an up-to-date CV or résumé.
  12. Have you submitted this to other presses? If so, to whom did you submit it?
  13. Please suggest 2–3 possible reviewers for your manuscript, including contact information, affiliation, etc.

Send proposal as an email attachment to:

Faye A. Chadwell
Donald and Delpha Campbell University Librarian and OSU Press Director
Oregon State University Libraries and Press

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