Alberta B. Johnston Award for Extension Leadership (2015)

Dana L. Martin

Dana Martin is all about great leadership. As the OSU Extension Service Regional Administrator for the Central Region, Dana Martin is proving the Regional

Administration model can truly meet local needs while also representing OSU expectations for excellence.

Dana’s colleagues describe her as a “leader of leaders” a “go-to person” and an “expert at getting people to work together.” Since 2012 Dana has served as our state leader for the OSU Extension Service’s Public Issues Leadership Development Delegation, sharing our successes and needs with our national sponsors, keeping us recognized and supported by our heavy hitting partners in Washington DC. But she also works hard on local awareness right here at home: she created, planned, and implemented the first ever OSU Statewides Day, held at the Oregon Capital this past March.

Dana represents OSU at it’s best, striking that delicate balance between leadership and management, being both the boss and the visionary. Throughout her career she’s promoted and created positive changes with innovative ideas. But Dana also knows what’s really important: she’s careful to maintain crucial friendships, and foster close relationships with other agencies and clientele ---the kind of impact hard to capture in a strategic plan.

For the person and leader that Dana is, the leader she aspires to be, and the attitude she promotes within the organization, we are delighted that she is this year’s Alberta B. Johnston Award winner for Extension Leadership.

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