Innovation Partnership Award (2015)

Math Practice Cycle

Yikes, now it’s time for a math lesson…but a lesson that is fun to share! The Math Practice Cycle project supports secondary mathematics teachers to implement the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics, or CCSSM. Enacting the core standards is a sticky wicket; but the project has coordinated a community of secondary math teachers from Oregon and across the nation to make it work. This network has both new and experienced mathematics teachers working side-by-side to develop instructional practices to enact the core standards.

In less than two years, the project has provided professional development for more than 50 teachers, community college instructors, teacher candidates and teacher leaders in diverse educational settings, and it has shaped the learning of well over 2,500 students.

In addition to its record of service and outreach, the MPC has invigorated cutting edge research and scholarship on a mathematics professional development model.

The MPC partnership isn’t just about math teachers; it has the potential to begin to change the tide for Oregon students who graduate and enter post-secondary education. Because of MPC, fewer and fewer of them will find themselves placed in developmental mathematics courses.

Please join me in recognizing the Math Practice Cycle project, the winner of this year’s Innovation Partnership Award. Accepting the award are Rebekah Elliot and Wendy Aaron from the College of Education.

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