Program Support (2015)

Aaron Senecal

Little did Aaron Senecal know when he started his employment at Oregon State as a student worker with Extension and Experiment Station Communications that he was embarking on a long and productive path to professional success at OSU. Throughout his resulting career with the university, Aaron has been a major contributor on key innovative projects within the Division of University Outreach and Engagement, including OSU’s first iPhone app: the Tree Tour.

After his years as a highly valued student worker at the EESC, Aaron was snatched up as a team member by OSU Professional and Continuing Education. There he helped to develop a sophisticated technical online infrastructure to service both on-campus and off-campus clients. Aaron’s commitment to this task was instrumental for the resulting success of many of PACE’s corporate e-learning programs.

Aaron has stepped in several times to assume the lead role in PACE’s programming group. Aaron has always gone the extra mile to meet customer needs in creative and cost-effective ways. Without exaggeration, almost every aspect of PACE’s online presence reflects Aaron’s creativity and technical expertise.

I’m pleased to recognize Aaron today with this year’s Program Support Award.

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