Award Recipients

2017 Awards of Excellence:

Top 10 Outreach and Engagement Projects:

Honorable Mention Projects:

  • 4-H Urban-Rural Exchange - Bridging greater understanding and awareness of urban-rural interdependence
  • Culinary Breeding Network Variety Showcase
  • Envision Tillamook Coastal Futures
  • Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative
  • What Workers Think: Communication Needs Assessment for Latino Nursery Workers

Special Awards

  • 2017: Distinguished Partner in Advocacy: Statewide Public Service Program team
  • 2016: Culture of Engagement Award: College of Public Health and Human Sciences
  • 2016: Alberta B. Johnston Award for Extension Excellence in Leadership: Lyla Houglum
  • 2016: Alberta B. Johnston Award for Extension Excellence in Education: Clive Kaiser
  • 2015: Alberta B. Johnston Award for Extension Excellence in Leadership: Dana L. Martin
  • 2011: Faculty Panel for Transformation: Sam Chan, Janet Drollinger, Peg Herring, Sharon Johnson, John Mayer, Cory Parsons, John Punches, Willie Riggs, Pamela Rose
  • 2011: Ask an Expert Deployment Team and Question Monitors: Pati Craven, Teresa Crowley, Steve Dodrill, Bob Falconer, Janey Lee, Bryan Mayjor, Cathy McBride, Kristin Pool, Jordan Rainwater, Karen Zimmermann


  • 2016: Mark Farley, Hatfield Marien Science Center, Oregon Sea Grant
  • 2015: Mark McGuire 
  • 2014: Kim McAloney, Division of Student Affairs
  • 2012: Sam Chan, Oregon Sea Grant
  • 2011: Lucas Turpin, Extension Computing Technology Unit
  • 2010: Ian Cavalier, OSU Extended Campus
  • 2008: Marvin Butler, OSU Extension Service
  • 2007: Mary Arnold, OSU Extension Service
  • 2007: Ecampus Intake Team
  • 2006: Janice Smiley, College of Public Health and Human Sciences

Strategic Impact

  • 2016: George Waldbusser, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, ocean acidification
  • 2015: Dustin Johnson, Animal and Rangeland Sciences
  • 2015: Work Force Readiness project: Lynette Black and Dani Annala
  • 2014: Ocean Watch 4-H Marine Ambassador Camp: Virginia Bourdeau, Mary Arnold, Scot Brees, Michelle Carrillo, Woody Davis, Robin Galloway, Andy Hoffmann, Maggie Livesay, Holly Morris, Janet Nagele, Parker Ogburn, Pat Willis, Todd Williver, Michele Osterhoudt - OSU Extension Service, College of Public Health and Human Sciences
  • 2014: Natural Resources Leadership Academy: Claire Cross, Maurine Powell, Lisa Templeton, Rebecca Badger, Ed Weber, Aaron Wolf, Lynette de Silva - Extended Campus, Division of University Outreach and Engagement, College of Liberal Arts, College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
  • 2012: William Ripple, OSU-Cascades, College of Forestry
  • 2012: Marine Renewables Outreach and Engagement Team: Kaety Hildenbrand, Flaxen Conway, Bob Eder - Oregon Sea Grant
  • 2011: Mark Edwards, Department of Sociology
  • 2011: Paul Kopperman, Department of History
  • 2010: Bruce Sorte, OSU Extension Service
  • 2010: Garry Stephenson, OSU Extension Service
  • 2008: Allan Brazier, College of Education
  • 2008: Lisbeth Goddik, OSU Extension Service
  • 2007: Mike Bondi, OSU Extension Service
  • 2007: Lisa Templeton, OSU Extended Campus
  • 2006: Mary Corp, OSU Extension Service
  • 2006: Jackson County Youth Team

Program Support

  • 2016: Lindsay Davis, OSU Extension Service - Clatsop County
  • 2015: Aaron Senecal
  • 2014: Robert Peckyno, College of Liberal Arts
  • 2012: Linda Brewer, College of Agricultural Sciences
  • 2011: Betsy Hartley, College of Agricultural Sciences
  • 2011: Fisheries and Wildlife Distance Education Advising Team
  • 2010: Maureen Collson, Oregon Sea Grant
  • 2008: Janet Drollinger, OSU Extension Service
  • 2007: Peggy Harris, Extension Sea Grant
  • 2006: Lucy Lores, OSU Extension Service

Innovation in Partnerships

Innovation in Online Noncredit Teaching

  • 2016: PACE (Professional and Continuing Education) Corporate Training Initiative (Melanie Mitchell, Marian Ladenburg, Amande Engel, John Buzzard)
  • 2015: "Connecting for Youth" WRLF 2015 Inaugural e-Sessions: Marilyn K. Lesmeister and Lyla Houglum
  • 2014: Oregon Master Naturalist Program: Jason O’Brien, Aaron Senecal, Marian Ladenburg, Ryan Creason, Chris LaBelle, Bridget Egan - College of Forestry, OSU Extension Service, Professional and Continuing Education
  • 2012: "Living on the Land" Team: Brian Tuck, Ariel Ginsburg, Jeff Hino - College of Agricultural Sciences and Extension and Experiment Station Communications
  • 2010: Mark Anderson-Wilk, Extension and Experiment Station Communications
  • 2010: Sue Kunda, OSU Libraries
  • 2008: Master Gardener Steering Committee: Anita Azarenko, Bill Braunworth, Dianna Fisher, Gail Langelleto, Bob Rost and Lisa Templeton

Innovation in Online Credit-based Teaching

Innovation in Open Educational Resources


  • 2016: Attitudes for Success Youth Leadership Program (Patricia Dawson, Bill Broderick)
  • 2016: PROMISE Internship Program (Charlene Martinez, Gabriel Merrell, Binh Le, Mayela Delatorre, Maira Rodriguez, Jonathan Stoll, Reagan Le)
  • 2015: OSU Juntos team
  • 2014: Families Involved in Education: Sociocultural Teaching and STEM (FIESTAS): Kathryn Ciechanowski, SueAnn Bottoms, Jennifer Bachman, Carolyn Ashton, Jenny de la Hoz, Ana Lu Fonseca - College of Education, College of Public Health and Human Sciences, OSU Extension Service
  • 2012: Octaviano Merecias, College of Public Health and Human Sciences, 4-H Tech Wizards Program
  • 2012: Oregon Tribal Archives Institute Team: Larry Landis, Natalia Fernandez, and Tiah Edmunson-Morton, Laura Cray - OSU Libraries
  • 2011: Dana Sanchez and Guillermo Giannico, Fisheries and Wildlife
  • 2011: Mario Magana, OSU Extension 4-H
  • 2010: David Stone, Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
  • 2008: Dan McGrath, OSU Extension Service
  • 2007: Mike Knutz, OSU Extension Service
  • 2007: Sarah Williams, OSU Extended Campus


Note: Awards were not given in 2009

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