Goal 1 - Culture and Impact

Enhance the culture and impact of Oregon State University.

Specifically, our goals are to integrate outreach and engagement throughout all departments in the university; create, enhance, and support partnerships within and beyond the university; provide transformative experiences for all learners and communities; and contribute in measurable ways to OSU’s signature areas of distinction – sustainable earth ecosystems, human health and wellness, and economic growth and social progress.

1.1      Align recruitment, incentive, and appointment practices with Division goals and values

1.2      Make Oregon State University known as a partner and resource to meet community needs

1.3      Provide highly relevant, demand-driven opportunities to learners and communities

1.4      Regularly communicate the significance of the Division and its contribution to the land-grant mission and OSU’s signature areas

1.5      Integrate outreach and engagement methods into appropriate curricula across OSU

1.6      Identify and share outreach and engagement best practices

1.7      Convene diverse collaborators to meet community needs

1.8      Cultivate relationships among learners, communities and OSU