Goal 2 - Serve Learners, Communities, Stakeholders

Equitably serve a broad diversity of learners, communities, and stakeholders.

Specifically, our goals are to expand our capacity to effectively serve new and historically underrepresented learners, communities, and stakeholders; learn from and with diverse populations and communities to identify and address the challenges they face; create and deliver educational experiences to equitably serve diverse populations and communities; and provide multiple and varied ways for people to access education, research, and information.

2.1      Identify the new and historically under-represented learners, communities, and stakeholders we will serve

2.2      Institutionalize and regularly conduct community and learner needs assessments

2.3      Align hiring, retention, and performance evaluation policies and practices with this goal

2.4      Expand and leverage partnerships to reach under-served audiences

2.5      Develop culturally-appropriate content and delivery mechanisms

2.6      Build core competencies (e.g., bias, privilege, language, identity) and share innovative practices

2.7      Ensure accessibility of our services

2.8      Diversify marketing strategies

2.9      Communicate internally and externally about our goals in this area

2.10    Convene collaborators to meet community needs