Goal 3 - Community & Learner Engagement

Increase community and learner engagement.

Specifically, our goals are to learn from and collaborate with people and communities to build relationships and create synergy; create, apply, and share knowledge, ideas, and resources through mutually beneficial and reciprocal exchange with communities and learners; and cultivate  environments where learners can deeply connect with the content and with each other, to increase their curiosity, interest, knowledge, and bond to learning.

3.1      Create and leverage partnerships

3.2      Adapt to meet new community and learner needs

3.3      Utilize learning communities, technology, and social media, as well as interactive, hands-on, field-based, experiential, hybrid, and discussion-based approaches for teaching, learning, and relationship building.

3.4      Identify and share community and learner engagement best practices

3.5      Establish clear lines and multiple methods of reciprocal communication