Goal 5 - Supportive workplace culture

Have a supportive workplace culture.

Specifically, our goals are to build and maintain a work environment where people can be healthy, proud, and happy to work; share commitment to the mission, vision, values, and goals of the Division; invest resources in Outreach & Engagement efforts that advance the Division’s mission, vision, and values; be an organization composed of people with varied identities, experiences, perspectives, and types of expertise; create and sustain an equitable and inclusive organizational culture; and encourage and support professional development, creativity, innovation, and work‐life balance.

5.1      Develop and support equitable and effective human resource policies and practices (including those related to wages, hiring, retention, performance evaluation, professional development, and work arrangements)

5.2      Foster transparency in decision-making

5.3      Foster dialogue and interactive communication across the Division that advances understanding of individual diversity and organizational culture

5.4      Be responsive to issues, ideas, and concerns of colleagues

5.5      Regularly assess organizational health and the work environment

5.6      Provide employees access to professional development and workplace resources

5.7      Align efforts and initiatives with Division vision, mission, values, and goals