Vice Provost Awards for Excellence

At its best, outreach and engagement is the co-creation of problem-solving action that addresses the needs and priorities of a specific community, county, region, state, or beyond.

To celebrate outstanding outreach and engagement work involving OSU, the Vice Provost Awards of Excellence were created by Scott Reed, vice provost of University Outreach and Engagement, to encourage and reward efforts to create and nurture healthy communities, healthy planet and healthy economy.

To submit your nomination, complete the nomination webform

Exceptional works will be recognized this year with a plaque, a team award or an individual award of $1,000 (service and supplies index fund) and pubic recognition through a 5-minute Ignite-style presentation at the Outreach and Engagement Summit on April 17 in the CH2M Hill Alumni Center on the Corvallis campus (travel stipends will be offered for those working outside Corvallis).

If you have taken part in – or know of – an outreach and engagement project implemented in the past five years that includes at least one of the following (the best projects likely will include more than one element), complete and submit the awards submission by February 20. Please note: these are not individual award categories; rather we are looking for projects that encompass one or more of the eight elements listed below.

  1. PARTNERSHIP – prominently involves internal and/or external partner organization participants.

  2. CROSS-DISCIPLINARY – includes scholarship, teaching, or project work involving two or more academic disciplines or professional specializations.

  3. ENGAGED SCHOLARSHIP – includes examples of engaged teaching, research, and/or academic publication.

  4. TRANSFORMATIONAL LEARNING – offers experiences for students and other participants that expand and enhance understanding and self-awareness.

  5. INNOVATIVE DELIVERY OF KNOWLEDGE – involves innovation in pedagogy, use of technology, application of knowledge, or methods of communication.

  6. CO-CREATION – involves university resources working in conjunction with community stakeholders to create knowledge and action to address a community need.

  7. BROADER IMPACT – offers meaningful inclusion of broader impacts to benefit society (such as policy work, the effective communication of science, enhancing education infrastructure).

  8. LESSONS LEARNED – offers examples of advancing our learning through taking risks and evaluating setbacks and less than ideal outcomes, recalibrating and moving forward.

Additionally, we specifically hope to identify a worthy student outreach and engagement project to celebrate at the summit so students are definitely encouraged to submit their community outreach and engagement work.

You can self-nominate, nominate others, and/or encourage community partners to submit nominations.

Applications will be reviewed by the University Outreach and Engagement executive team and winners will be notified by March 15, 2017. 

To submit your nomination, complete the nomination webform

For questions about the Vice Provost Awards, please contact Jill Wells