In partnership with the AARP, Oregon State University Extended Campus and OSU Extension have designed a free online course consisting of five modules for anyone interested in healthy aging. Now, on your own time, you can learn practical, research-based solutions to many of the problems that you or aging family members may be encountering. Each module consists of a self-paced slide show narrated by Sharon Johnson, OSU Associate Professor in Family and Community Health. Most modules take less than one hour to view.

Clicking on a link below will open a new browser window and the module will then start automatically. View the "Getting Started" video if you would like a brief overview of how to use the navigational features of this course.

memory module image Memory Difficulties: Should I Be Worried? 
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Covers how memory works and why it sometimes doesn’t, with special focus on how to improve memory and recall.


depression module image Depression in Later Life 
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Offers an overview of depression and aging, including information on what predisposes aging adults to the risk of depression.


medication module image Medication Jeopardy 
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Outlines the risks attached to taking medications and how age influences risk.


food module image Food As Medicine? 
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Is a provocative presentation about eating and aging, with a review of nutritional recommendations for the aging adult.


physical exercise module image Physical Activity and Exercise in Later Life 
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Demonstrates how exercise/activity programs can help aging adults stay independent and physically able.


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