Forest Diseases

The “How to Manage Your Forest” online Extension program is designed to introduce you to a broad range of fundamental forest management topics that will help you achieve your unique forestland goals and objectives. Through this program, you can now learn these practical, research-based skills and techniques on your own time and at your own schedule.  Our first module is Silviculture, or the art and science of managing forests to achieve your objectives.

We recommend you begin by watching the Section 1: Introductory Video, then viewing each of the nine sections in the order listed. 

Enjoy the module!


Goals and Objectives module image Goals and Objectives
Why goals and objectives are important and many of the goals common to woodland owners are discussed.
Site Factors module image Site Factors
The inherent capabilities of a site and the condition of the forest strongly influence the selection of appropriate goals. This section shows how to evaluate site and stand condition factors.
How Trees Grow module image How Trees Grow
Understanding the biology of tree growth provides powerful insights into developing forest management decisions.
Forest Ecology module image Forest Ecology
Forests are dynamic systems. Understanding the principles of forest ecology is fundamental to sound forest management.
Silvicultural Systems module image Silvicultural Systems
Silvicultural systems are a planned set of treatments by which forests are regenerated, managed, and harvested.
How Forests Grow module image How Forests Grow
Understanding these dynamic systems enables the landowner to select the best trees and the right number of trees needed to achieve their desired goals.
Density Management module image Density Management
Forest density influences how fast trees grow, tjheir resistance to insects and diseases, and even tree form and wood quality.
Thinning Methods module image Thinning Methods
Thinning a stand of trees is one of the most powerful tools available to manage for a wide variety of goals.
Other Treatments module image Other Treatments
Improving a stand by removing undesirable trees or cleaning up dead and dying trees following wildfire or forest health problems is discussed, as well as pruning limbs and applying fertilizer.