Using the Module

Selecting a Lesson

This module's main page contains a list of all available lessons. To enter a lesson, simply click the title of the lesson you'd like to view. 


The Lesson Interface

Upon selecting a lesson, you'll be taken to a page with special controls for navigating the lesson's content.

The lesson interface at a glance

Lesson content is broken into a series of sections called slides, which are displayed in the large top-left portion of the interface. Each slide appears for the durration of a short audio clip narrating its contents, after which, the lesson progresses to the next slide in the series. 

The lesson interface provides two controls for browsing content: the playback controller (located below the main content pane) and the outline panel (located to the right of the main content pane). The features of each control method are explained below:


The Playback Controller

The playback controller allows you to control the lesson's progression through the current slide in a fashion similar to that of a music or video player.

Anatomy of the playback controller

  1. Play/Pause the current slide.
  2. Skip to the next or previous slide.
  3. The seek bar shows the durration and progress of the current slide. Drag the playhead to any point along the seek bar to jump to that point in the slide's playback.
  4. The volume of the audio narration can be controlled via this button.
  5. Attachments may accompany some slides. A list of all files attached to the current slide is displayed when this button is pressed.
  6. Press view toggle button to switch between the default interface (pictured above) and a more compact layout.


The Outline View

The outline view provides information about the layout of the current lesson. It also facilitates quick and easy navigation between slides.

Anatomy of the outline view


  1. Toggle between outline view (displayed here) and thumbnail view, which displays a small preview image for each slide in the lesson.
  2. The current slide is highlighted and indicated with an arrow as shown.
  3. The slide list displays the order, title and durration of each slide in the lesson. Jump to any slide in the series by clicking its associated list item.
  4.  The time remaining for the entire lesson is displayed in this field.