Oregon Forest Management Plan Guidelines - Online

The links and icons below provide further explanation of the various plan elements that are included in the Oregon Forest Management Plan. 

The purpose of this section of the website is to provide direction on the required information for completing the various planning elements that make up a Forest Management Plan. Perhaps the hardest thing about management planning is getting started. So, the guidelines are accompanied by a fillable and expandable planning template designed to get you started; but not designed to get you finished. Think of the template is an extension of the guidelines because with the template you can better visualize what is being asked for in each element. Never be limited by the space available in the template; or by its organization. Following or using the template is not a requirement. In the end, work with your plan writer to organize your plan in a way that works best for you, the landowner.

The guidelines are organized to first describe the type of content and level of information that is needed for your plan. Optional information that you may wish to consider is indicated as such.

You will find tips on how to organize your plan or where to go for further information are called out. The Resources and tools that are referenced in these Tips can be found on the Resources, Tools and Useful Links page.

Location, size, ownership, history and other details
What are your big ideas?
A visual overview
Wood, water, wildlife, and more
Steps for the future
Keeping track of tax, business, and liability matters
Program-specific attachements for your plans