"This is How I am Interested in Using My Property."

Describe your reasons (goals) for owning your property and indicate (or rank in terms of importance) which uses or activities best describe your interests. The list below may help you.

  • Improving Forest Health
  • oak canopyProtecting Against Wildfires
  • Providing and Improving Wildlife Habitat
  • Developing Ponds or Other Water Sources
  • Learning About or Studying Nature
  • Establishing New Tree Plantings
  • Enhancing Tree Growth and Quality in Your Forest
  • Income from Harvesting Timber
  • Income from Non-Timber Products
  • Restoring Native Habitats
  • Controlling Invasive Species
  • Trails for Hiking, Skiing and/or Off-Road Recreational Vehicle Use
  • Improving Fish Habitat including Stream-side Forests
  • Retaining My Land as a Forest
  • Providing Benefits of Trees to the Environment
  • Maintaining a Secluded Place to Live
  • Passing on Property to my Children

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