Woodland Discovery

If this the first time that a management plan is being written for your property, start with the Woodland Discovery Plan. Ideally this plan is developed by the landowner, even if the full forest management plan is to be written by someone else. The Woodland Discovery Plan is about collecting and organizing information about your woodlands, and about asking yourself - and answering - key questions about your property:

>> What do I know about my property and its history?

>> How would I describe my forest to others?

>> What do I want to do with my property?

>> Where can I get help?

Get started with your Woodland Discovery Plan by visiting the sections below.

A visual overview
This Is What I Know About the History of My Property
This is How I Describe My Forest
This is How I am Interested in Using My Property
These are Things that I Plan on Doing to Improve my Property
Sources of assistance