The Division of University Outreach and Engagement connects Oregon State University, the state's land-grant university, to the rest of the world by making its educational programs accessible wherever and whenever people need to learn.

Essential Elements of Outreach and Engagement

Call a Community an Ecosystem is an original video poem by Phillip Brown. It elegantly captures the essential elements of outreach and engagement.

Phillip received his MFA in poetry from Oregon State University and now works as a publishing manager at Oregon State’s Extension and Experiment Station Communications.


The Past, Present, and Future of Outreach and Engagement Work at OSU

Lisbeth Goddik, professor and Extension specialist in dairy processing was awarded the OSU Faculty Senate Outreach and Engagement award for 2017. She is an integral part of the cheese-making industry as she consults, convenes groups with common interests, and encourages tomorrow’s prize-winning cheese makers.

Filmed and edited by Stephen Ward, Extension and Experiment Station Communications

Value of Cross-Disciplinary Relationships

Success is magnified when we work together on community challenges

OSU Master Gardeners and Oregon State University Extension Service: OSU Master Gardeners, such as Marcy Kenyon and Michael Christy in Lincoln County, work with partners, collaborators, and learners to improve knowledge, inspire resilience, and strengthen community connections and service.

Filmed and edited by Mark Farley, Hatfield Marine Science Center.

OSU Extension Service and College of Engineering: Belinda Batten, Executive Associate Dean of the College of Engineering, and Kaety Jacobson, OSU Extension Service and Oregon Sea Grant, share how their cross-disciplinary relationship makes OSU's outreach and engagement work in communities more successful.

Filmed and edited by Mark Farley, Hatfield Marine Science Center.

College of Liberal Arts and College of Education: Charles Robinson, College of Liberal Arts and University Outreach and Engagement, and Shawn Rowe, College of Education and Oregon Sea Grant, how long-term cross-disciplinary collaborations make possible what could not have been imagined before the relationship developed.

Filmed and edited by Mark Farley, Hatfield Marine Science Center.