Outdoor Economy Initiative

Oregon State University recently launched a future focused initiative that will identify workforce development training and education opportunities across the outdoor recreation economy, a rapidly growing industry sector in Oregon and the nation.

 In 2017, the Outdoor Industry Association reported that 69% of Oregonians engage in outdoor recreation, generating $16.4 billion in consumer spending and 172,000 jobs overall. The outdoor industry is a powerhouse of meaningful job creation and a driving force of Oregon’s economy. Oregon State University is well positioned to help bolster the state’s leadership role across industries from outdoor product companies to NGO’s and public agencies.

 With support from Impact Studio and PACE and in partnership with industry, agencies and non-profits to define the future of the outdoor economy, the Outdoor Economy Workforce Development Initiative advances OSU’s mission to serve the state, the nation, and the world. 

If interested in Outdoor workforce training and development opportunities, please contact Meredith Morrice at Meredith.morrice@oregonstate.edu